Motorsport : the core business of the Pole

Competition is at the historic heart of the members of the Pole Performance which is based around the international circuit of Nevers Magny-Cours. The circuit welcomes several World Championships and many high level car and bike races throughout the year.

After working for several decades in the field of motorsport, the members of the Pôle Performance Nevers Magny-Cours are major references in this sector of activity.

A unique cluster in Europe

This unique feature in Europe, the Pôle Performance Nevers Magny-Cours gathers together all the professions of competition in the same geographic area:

• Competition vehicle constructors
• Competition engine builders
• Experts in aerodynamics
• Designers of sensors and electronic systems
• Teams and competition service providers and backup
• Specialists in the restoration of competition vehicles
• Suppliers of parts and specific equipment
• Racing schools
• Specific training and courses in motorsport professions

The diverse skills of the members of the Pôle Performance Nevers Magny-Cours 
allow them to form a flexible chain of expertise 
and the ability to offer complete and innovative solutions.