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Silence. The most natural Type of Comfort.

Recommendations, design and development of vibration control technology for the automotive industry

Since January 2013 the company SumiRiko SD France S.A.S., formerly named anvis SD France S.A.S. belongs to Sumitomo Riko Group.
In April 2017 Anvis Group and Sumitomo Riko Group completed their integration and harmonized the company names of all Group affiliates.
Experience, expertise and ideas under one roof.
SumiRiko SD France S.A.S. is one of the 4 Research & Development centers for the vibration control technology in Europe for Sumitomo Riko Group.
The company has always had strong tradition and history in the rubber industry for more than 100 years. SumiRiko SD France S.A.S. is the center of expertise of the Group for the vibration control systems in chassis and suspension. The company is recommending innovative solutions to the OEMs, designing and developing systems, from the quotation phase to the industrialization phase. Our teams are working with a network of production sites all over the world. SumiRiko SD France S.A.S. is also providing its expertise to the Research & Development centers in Steinau (Germany) and in Wuxi (China).

Main activities

- Center of expertise of the Group for the vibration control systems in chassis and suspension for all OEMs and First Tiers like Daimler, VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Renault-Nissan, Ford, PSA group…
- Front-office Sales in charge of Renault-Nissan, Fiat, PSA Group key accounts for all product lines.

Specific expertise

SumiRiko SD France S.A.S. has developed specific expertise in following fields :

 - Natural rubber and EPDM, metal-rubber product, metal-rubber process (mixing, surface treatment, bonding, molding, finishing operations, packaging, logistic)
- Vibration control and acoustic comfort ; simulation, measures and tests ; product and process design ; control over the value chain from the prototype to the industrialization ; prototype and industrialization workshops ; formulation, R&D on rubber.
- Contacts with technical, quality, project and purchase teams by the OEMs
- Project management
- Quality management according to the requirements of the OEMs, ISO / TS 16949, ISO14001

Specific equipments

Catia, Solidworks, Adams, Hyperworks, Abaqus
Prototype and industrialization workshops
Measures and tests laboratory

Active members

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