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Pascal ARBAULT - Dirigeant-Fondateur / Chairman&Founder

DAVI edits RETORIK Driving simulator, a 3D immersive simulation environment monitored by a virtual pilot-instructor working with AI technology powered by DAVI.

RDS provides :

  • An immersion for the learning pilot in an environment where virtual and real are confused, close to reality
  • An understanding (to understand) of the pilot behavior and emotional states
  • Answers to the pilot questions

RDS benefits from 2 major innovations in simulation domain:

  1. Projection on a 3D surface dynamically adapted to user movements based on OVERVIEW IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGIES’ technologies
  2. A natural language and vocal interface close of the learner actual communication models.

RETORIK technology is based on 10 years of R&D and 2 patents.
These technologies were elaborated in partnership with LIMSI/CNRS. The key success factors of our technology rely on strong relations with the best AI, natural language and feelings processing laboratories, applied to motorsport.

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